BBQs 2u: A Perfect Choice for Those Who Love Grilling!

BBQs 2u is one of the popular retailers available for buying products from top brands such as Ooni Pizza, Kamado Joe, and Napoleon barbecue. They are sellers of barbecues since 2002. In fact, they are extremely passionate about barbecues. People in the UK love to buy products from BBQs 2u due to taheir attractive prices and top-notch quality.

Kamado Joe – Classic I – Elements Pack

This pack includes Kamado Joe Classic I, Kamado Joe grill cover, Kamado Joe fire starters, and Kamado Big Block XL Lumpwood charcoal. The Kamado Joe classic I is a very attractive thick-walled cooker that imparts a smoky flavor to vegetables, meats, and fish. Kamado Joe modernizes the grill’s traditional design with unmatched craftsmanship, cutting-edge accessories, and a variety of adaptable cooking surfaces.

The Kamado Joe Classic I comes with a stand that has rolling wheels, which helps in the easy movement of the grill. This product is a perfect choice for all those who love outdoor cooking.  It allows you to use advanced features such as WIFI. Just like the classic I all the other products from Kamado are of high quality.

In fact, they are valued for money. It has a foldable table on each side, where you can keep any item related to cooking. These tables are weather resistant. In fact, they do not get damaged easily. They are also easy to clean. Having this kind of grill at home helps everybody enjoy the most delicious food.

The construction of Kamado Joe I looks very simple. To lift the cooking chamber from the stand, at least 2 people are required.

Having an extra pair of hands will also be beneficial when assembling its AMP firebox.

The Kamado Joe classic-I is built using heat-resistant ceramic. Its performance will not be affected by bad weather in most cases, which is one of the reasons why people love to buy this product. After using the grill, use the grill cover that you get in this pack. Using the cover helps in keeping the grill in good condition. The lump wood charcoal is 100% genuine.

The fire starters from Kamado are small cubes (paraffin wax). They are known for their odorless, hot, and clean burn. They light up easily even they are wet. They can be used with any kind of grill. Check out the elements pack from Kamado Joe and grill lovers would love it. It can make the whole grilling experience a happy one.

Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs are going to be extremely beneficial to everyone. Many people have stopped cooking on their stoves after buying their Kamado BBQs. Whether it’s a weekend family party or any other party, the Kamado Joe classic joe BBQs would be your perfect choice. BBQs 2u only sells the best products from reputed brands. As their products are tested, people can buy them happily without giving them a second thought.

At BBQs 2u, people can find some great offers. Check their website regularly to know about their latest offers.