Sweet Russian Lentil Soup Recipe

This really is frequently an easy yet wealthy in taste soup that make the specific cold out within the cold a few days of winter. It should take roughly an hour’s time for you to prepare. Here, there is a recipe in the incredible tasty Russian lentil soup.


ground lean beef – 1 1/2 pounds

1 can (14.5 ounce) diced tomato vegetables

1 can (large) tomato sauce

beef bouillon – 4 cubes

2 medium shredded carrots

1 chopped onion

white-colored-colored-colored vinegar – two tablespoons

white-colored-colored-colored sugar – 1/2 cup

salt – 1 1/2 teaspoons

ground pepper – 1/2 teaspoon

Rasam - A Li'l Bit of Spice

two quarts water, divided

finely chopped garlic clove clove clove – 3 cloves

one mind cabbage, cored and sliced into wedges


Have this amazing pot and crumble the floor beef within it. Add tomato sauce, the diced tomato vegetables, carrots, beef bouillon cubes, sugar, onion, vinegar, pepper and salt within the beef. Pour within the quart water and enable the constituents while using the water boil. Stir this mix to eliminate inside the beef during heating this mix. Once the soup starts boiling, convey a protective cover and allow it to simmer for roughly half an hour on low heat.

Pour within the remaining quart water, and enable the soup boil progressively. Add cabbage and garlic clove clove clove because mixture. Enable the soup simmer for roughly 25 minutes, before the cabbage becomes tender and supple. Serve it hot within the soup bowl.